Music Appreciation

At this time of the year, music for different seasons comes to mind. For instance, Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons, where each movement represents a different season. The music clearly depicts those seasons, including a thunder and lightning storm in the Summer movement and the wind howling in the Winter movement.

Other composers, such as Pyotr Tchaikovsky, also wrote music for the seasons for piano and for ensembles. And the BBC has compiled delightful selections of season music, including collections for summer and autumn.

Flowers and animals and insects are represented in music as well. For instance, Giacomo Puccini wrote the Chrysanthemums elegy for string quartet, Camille Saint-Saens wrote The Carnival of the Animals, where different animals are represented by different instruments, and Ralph Vaughan Williams featured buzzing insects in The Wasps. There are many more such depictions just waiting for us to discover.