Concertmaster opportunity

We are an enthusiastic, friendly community of auditioned musicians, and we're seeking applicants for concertmaster positions. 

We perform a wide range of music, from Baroque to pops, primarily in Chicago's western suburbs. Peter Lipari has served as our music director since 2001. 

Some of our 
players are public school orchestra directors, some make a living in non-musical jobs but make music as a lifelong passion, and many gig regularly. Our orchestras typically rehearse 5-7 times for each concert, primarily on weeknights and occasionally on Saturday mornings. You can read more about us here and here.

Through September 15, 2019, we are accepting applications for the concertmaster position in our three orchestras - the positions may be filled by one person or by a different person for each orchestra. The concertmaster position is open for our symphony orchestra potentially starting as soon as our December 15, 2019, concert; for our chamber orchestra's May 31, 2020, concert; and for our summer 2020 festival concerts.

To apply, or if you have questions, send us an email by September 15 (select the "play or sing" request type). If you're applying, please include a resume of your orchestral experience and a list of at least three references who have performed with you in orchestras.