WE LOOK FORWARD to again bringing you the best in classical and popular music, in person. We are eager to resume performances in 2021 when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we'll share music, and musical thoughts, with you both here and through our Facebook page.

dan-square-web.gifOUR STORIES
Our performers have taken many paths to the concert stage, from being raised in a musical home to being inspired by classical music in cartoons. And some are active non-classical musicians as well. Hear their music and read their stories here.

----2012-13 martha low for web from renee square.jpgMUSIC APPRECIATION
Many composers have celebrated nature: both the changing seasons and the wondrous world of living things. We brought some examples together and invite you to enjoy them here.

reed-square-compressed.gifMUSIC IN THE WORLD
People from all cultures are irresistibly drawn to music, and may simply explain that attraction by saying "music makes me feel good." Scientists have shown that music indeed bestows significant health benefits, including relief from stress. Read more here and be well!

Since the start of our 2019-20 season, we have been fortunate to be supported by 25 private-sector organizations. We encourage you to patronize our business partners during these challenging times - they're listed here.

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Our 2019-20 concert season was partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency. We also are grateful to the Agency for its support through an August 2020 emergency COVID-19 recovery grant.